2019 Fudan Fellow Program Announcement



Fudan Fellow Program welcomes excellent scholars around the world to Shanghai for on-campus academic interaction with Fudan community. Fudan Fellows are invited to engage his or her on-going researches in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technology and engineering, life sciences and medical sciences in Shanghai, China.

The goals of Fudan Fellow Program are:

To provide the fellows with opportunities to further their understanding of China and China related issues,

To promote academic communication between Fudan faculty and international scholars, and

To build strong partnership between Fudan University and leading research institutes around the world.


Fudan Fellow Program accepts full-time Associate Professor and Professor of fellow institutions in the above fields of study. The Program does not award an academic diploma. All applicants shall:

Have an on-going research project,

Have a good command of working languages to interact with Fudan community where Chinese and English are most spoken,

Be a citizen of a foreign country and holds a full-time position in a foreign institute.


Fudan Fellows are invited to Fudan campus for usually 30-60 days, exceptionally no exceeding 90 days. For every four weeks on campus, fellows are asked to give at least one lecture, either to students or fellow researches, or to host workshops and seminars. Fellows are encouraged to publish papers after the the visit is completed under the title of Fudan Fellow. A copy of the publication shall be presented to and kept by Fudan University.


International round-trip air fare will be reimbursed.

Stipend: 1000 RMB/ day * number of visiting days (Tax included)


All applications are subject to Fudan Fellow Program Academic Committee and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Applications shall include:

Application Form,

Curriculum vitae that includes education background, research experience and publications

Research proposal.

All applications shall be written in English.

How to apply

Please download the Application Form and send it with other files required to one of the following email addresses based on the background of your study.

1. Natural sciences, technology and engineering, life sciences and medical sciences:


Contact: Ms. Peng +86-21-65648438

2. Social sciences:


Contact: Ms. Lin +86-21-55665552

3. Humanities:


Contact: Ms. Jiao +86-21-65643717

Fudan Fellowship Application-- Form.docx