Pre-departure Issues


Before your departure from your home country or home university or anywhere else to Shanghai, please pay attention to the pre-departure information below carefully:



Shanghai has two airports, namely Hongqiao airport (SHA) and Pudong airport (PVG). Comparatively speaking, Hongqiao airport is closer to Handan Campus, Fudan University than Pudong airport.

Domestic airlines and some airlines from Japan and Korea will land on Hongqiao airport (SHA). International airlines and some domestic airlines will land on Pudong airport (PVG).

From Pudong Airport to Fudan:

a. Take Airport Bus 4 and get off at Guoding Road Station, about 20 RMB
b. Take a taxi, around 160 RMB.
From Hongqiao Airport to Fudan:
Take a taxi, around 80 RMB.


If you want to live in the Foreign Students dormitory at Handan Campus, you will need to book a room online. The Booking Time will be announced in
For on campus accommodation information at Handan Campus, please visit website of Housing Department, International Students Office: .
For exchange students with accommodation provided by Fudan under bilateral agreement, please ignore the Accommodation E-booking procedure. Our office will ensure your free accommodation at Foreign Students Building. Yet you cannot get refund if you choose to live off campus.

For exchange students without free accommodation under bilateral agreement, please go after Handbook for Registration about the Accommodation E-booking procedure. Please kindly notice there may be more demands than available rooms and therefore apply on time for your accommodations at Foreign Students Building.

You can go directly to Foreign Students Dorm or other accommodation places you have arranged for yourself after you leave airport for Fudan.


When you receive your admission package, please find enclosed your student number (or sent visa email by the office).

Go to website to register the courses you want to select. The whole course schedule can be downloaded from Provost’s Office’s website English-media course list(i.e. taught in English) will be sent by email by the office to object program students.

Username is your Fudan student number. Remember it because it is useful to you during your exchange study at Fudan.

Password: Try last six digits/letters of your passport number which you provided in your application, and use number 0 to substitute any letter in last six. For those who don’t provide the passport number in time , try 666666.

Syllabus can be downloaded when you register the course successfully in the course registration system.