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With advanced sports facilities, Shanghai hosts a series of important national and international sports events every year. In 2006, the city witnesses 37 international sports events and 55 domestic ones, including Shanghai leg of F1, Special Olympics Invitational and Master’s Cup. The city’s sportsmen also won credits for Shanghai. They won 34.5 golds at national events, placing Shanghai second among Chinese cities in the terms of gold numbers. At the 15th Asian Games in Doha, they brought home 23.5 golds, equalized one world record and broke two Asia records two Asian Games records.
Since the 1990s, Shanghai has speeded up construction of sports facilities to meet the need of domestic and international sports events. The multifunctional sports venues completed in the city include Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai International Circuit, Hongkou Soccer Stadium, China Disabled People’s Sports and Art Training Center, and Qizhong Tennis Center.
◆ Sports Facilities
Hongkou Stadium虹口足球场
Address: 444 East Jiangwan Rd. (江湾东路444号)
Tel: 021-65400009
The fist specialized football stadium in China.
Shanghai Stadium 上海万体馆
Address: 1111 Caoxi Rd. (N.) (漕溪北路1111号)
Tel: 021-64385200
World’s longest cantilevered steel truss roof structure with fabric canopy and span of 300 meters.
Shanghai International Tennis Center 上海国际网球中心
Address: 517 Hengshan Rd. (衡山路517号)
Tel: 021-64155588-82
A multifunctional complex for sports, body-building, entertainment, food & accommodation and commercial & social activities.
Shanghai International Golf Country Club 上海国际高尔夫球乡村俱乐部
Address: 961 Yinzhu Rd., Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District (青浦区朱家角镇新杨村盈朱路961号)
Tel: 021-5972-8111
The first golf club in Shanghai located in Dianshan Lake Scenic Area.
Shanghai Wushu Center上海武术中心
Address: 595 Nanjing Rd. (W.) (南京西路595号)
Tel: 021-62153599
A Chinese Wushu club, specialized in Karate classes.
Long Wu International Kungfu Center 上海龙武功夫馆
Address: 215 Shanxi Rd. (S.) (陕西南路215号)
MP: 130-0325-2826
Tel: 021-5465-0042
The largest, professional Kungfu center in Shanghai.
Shanghai Swimming Pool 上海游泳馆
Address: 1300 Zhongshan Rd. (S. No. 2) (中山南二路1300号)
Tel: 021-5860-0871
The biggest swimming pool of Shanghai, near Shanghai Stadium.


Gym facilities in Fudan provide cheap alternatives to off-campus commercial gyms. There’re 2 gyms on Fudan campus. One stands south to the Foreign Students’ Dorm in the north section of the campus, and the other by the local student living quarter in the south section of the campus. Both gyms are equipped with fitness equipments that you can have access to for 2-3 RMB per/hour. Around the campus, there’re also around 20 outdoor basketball courts, 10 volleyball courts, 5 tennis courts, 2 table tennis rooms, 1 soccer field with a 400-meter running track and a swimming pool. Most of the outdoor facilities are free to use during assigned hours, while others can be accessed at a very cheap price. (usually less than 5 RMB per hour)

Note: At times, sports facilities will be occupied to have P.E. lessons. During such period, sports facilities will NOT be open for public use.
Tip: Due to Fudan’s special policy of mandatory exercise hours for Freshmen and Sophomores, sports facilities are usually heavily occupied from 3-5 pm on weekdays. You can avoid this busy hour to have a better exercise environment.