Dining at Shanghai



There are 3 major dining halls on Handan campus, one in each section of the campus. They are called the South Campus Dining Hall, Main Campus Dining Hall and the North Campus Dining Hall. Nearest to the Foreign Students Dorm is the North Campus Dining Hall. At each of these dining halls, a variety of Chinese food and desserts are available at relatively low prices. (7-10rmb for a decent meal) There’s also a Islamic dining area and 5th Avenue fastfood in North Campus Dining Hall, catering to the eating habits of the minority groups and adding to the variety of food choices for local students, too.

To eat at these dining halls, you will have to charge money into the e-campus card. Charge stations can usually be found near the west entrance of each dining hall.

General Tips:

1) Service hours at these dining halls are relatively short (10:30-13:00, 5th Avenue fastfood serves longer time). Due to the large number of students living on campus, food run out really fast. So GO EARLY if you would like to eat at these dining halls.
2) The staffs at these dining halls usually don’t speak English, some basic knowledge about Chinese food in advance can be very helpful.
3) If you prefer to eat the food at some other places rather than in the dining hall, you can ask for disposable meal boxes to have the food “to go”.
There are also a variety of dining options around the Foreign Student Dorm (FSD). Exploring different restaurants and experimenting with new food around campus is sure to be a pleasant experience.
Right on Wuchuan Road, where your dorm is located, there are dozens of restaurants that offer a wide selection of Chinese regional food, such as northeastern Chinese food, Sichuan food, Cantonese food, etc. A fair number of Korean restaurants can also be found around the FSD, suiting to the needs of the big Korean population living in the dorm. But they are also among the most frequented restaurants by local Chinese students.
There’s also a famous “Fudan Street” next to Zhengsu Road in the south section of the campus. Restaurants on this street are popular among local Chinese Students. Owning to the presence of these restaurants, along with a handful of bookstores, music stores and gift shops, the street is thought to be the busiest around the whole campus.
Tip: Many of the restaurants around campus have free food delivery service. Grab one of those brochures with simple menus on it, you can have the food delivered to your door next time!

Menu in English

鱼香肉丝(yuxiang rousi)
pork and vegetable, spicy and sweet
京酱肉丝(jing jiang rousi)
pork and scallions
红烧排骨(hongshao paigu)
pork rib
pork, spicy
肉丝蒜苗(rousi suanmiao)
pork and garlic sprout
肉丝拉皮(rousi lapi)
pork and starch product
梅菜扣肉(meicai kourou)
pork and dry vegetables
软炸里脊(ruanzha liji)
fried pork
尖椒肉丝(jianjiao rousi)
pork and green pepper, spicy
蚂蚁上树(mayi shangshu)
vermicelli and pork
菠萝肉(boluo rou)
pineapple and pork
尖椒牛柳(jianjiao niuliu)
beef and pepper, spicy
铁板牛柳(tieban niuliu)
beef platter
水煮牛肉(shuizhu niurou)
beef and vegetable, hot and spicy
蚝油牛肉(haoyou niurou)
beef in oyster sauce
红烧牛肉(hongshao niurou)
braised beef
酱牛肉(jiang niurou)
stewed beef, old fish
洋葱牛肉(yangcong niurou)
beef and onion
红烧土豆肉(hongshao niurou)
beef and potato
宫爆鸡丁(gongbao jiding)
vegetable and chicken, spicy
酱爆鸡丁(jiangbao jiding)
chicken in thick bean sauce
黄焖鸡块(huangmen jikuai)
stewed chicken
braised chicken and chestnut
红烧鸡翅(hongshao jichi)
chicken wings
滑溜鸡片(hualiu jipian)
chicken and vegetable
辣子鸡(lazi ji)
spicy chicken
mushroom and green vegetable
红烧茄子 (hongshao qiezi)
鱼香茄子 (yuxiang qiezi)
spicy eggplant
素炒豆芽(suchao douya)
bean sprouts
苜蓿肉(muxu rou)
green vegetable and eggs
西红柿炒鸡蛋(xihongshi jidan)
tomato and eggs
烧二冬(shao erdong)
mushroom and bamboo shoot
炒豆苗(chao doumiao)
a kind of green vegetable
素炒空心菜(suchao kongxincai)
沙锅豆腐(shaguo doufu)
tofu and vegetable cooked in pot
干煸四季豆(ganbian sijidou)
green beans
醋溜土豆丝(culiu tudousi)
脆皮豆腐(cuipi doufu)
家常豆腐(jiachang doufu)
home-style tofu, a little spicy
麻婆豆腐(mapo doufu)
tofu, spicy and hot
牛肉面 (niurou mian)
noodle with beef
鸡丝面(jisi mian)
noodle with chicken
担担面(dandan mian)
noodle with sauce, spicy
西红柿鸡蛋面(xihongshi jidan mian)
noodle with tomato and egg
朝鲜冷面(chaoxian lengmian)
Korean noodle, cool
桂林米粉(guilin mifen)
rice noodle, Guangxi style
过桥米线(guoqiao mixian)
rice noodle, Yunnan style
肉包子(rou baozi )
meat steamed bun
素包子(su baozi)
vegetable steamed bun
Shanghai small dumpling
fried donut stick
various dumplings
北京烤鸭(beijiang kaoya)
Beijing duck
涮羊肉(shuan yangrou)
Mongolian hotpot for mutton
hot pot of beef, chicken and various vegetables
清真皖鱼(qingzhen wanyu)
steamed fish, light flavor
松鼠鱼(songshu yu)
fried and braised fish in sweet sauce
红烧鱼(hongshao yu)
braised fish